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  Hits of our gardeners

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 Hits of our gardeners
It is quiet, ecological, economical. No petrol, no cable, no noise, no exhaust fumes. This is the new cordless series FIELDMANN. Nothing will stop you with them.
Spolehlivost benzínových sekaček FIELDMANN je dána použitím kvalitních materiálů i jednotlivých komponent.

Reciprocating saw

Every good do-it-yourselfer wants to have the job done as best he can. For this purpose, the FIELDMANN-proven hacksaw is the ideal helper

Angle Grinder

The angle grinder is a small handy helper for cutting metal, ceramic or porcelain materials with the use of the appropriate 115 mm diameter disc for the given task or 125 mm. 

Electric Lawn Scarifier

It is a process which removes old grass residues and moss from the lawn. The process which enhances air circulation, water and nutrient ingress rate, and access of light to the grass roots.