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Log splitter
Electric log splitters will handle the demanding task of preparing firewood supplies for heating. The splitters are powered by a strong electric motor that generates pressure of several tons between the splitting wedge and the stop. This makes it easy and quick to split wood without much physical effort. The splitters are easy to operate and can split both dry and wet wood. With a pair of large wheels, the machine can be easily moved to the desired location.

Horizontal splitters

  • Horizontal splitters are ideal for occasional splitting of smaller logs. The protective cover ensures higher safety during work, and the risk of injury from a split piece of wood is minimized.

Vertical splitters

  • Vertical splitters, with their higher pressure, can process somewhat larger or longer logs, or even stumps. They can handle knots and hard wood without difficulty. The lifting height of the splitting wedge can be easily adjusted to the height of the log. Vertical splitters are designed for more demanding users and for regular use.