Cordless Lawnmower
FZS 70105-0

  • Li-Ion battery system 1x 20 V / 2 Ah (or 4 Ah)
  • Electronic control unit for efficient use of the full capacity of the Li-Ion battery
  • A range of 30 cm in conjunction with 1x 20 V batteries ensures sufficient performance
  • 1.6 mm string, automatic


The FIELDMANN cordless lawnmower can handle any grass along roads and in close proximity to fences and walls. The string mower achieves sufficient power thanks to the full use of the power of 1x 20 V battery in conjunction with the electronic control unit. In addition to the telescopic adjustment of the length of the machine and the articulated trimming head, the swivel upper handle and ergonomic handle also take care of comfortable work. It is possible to use batteries with capacities of 2 Ah / 4 Ah which are compatible with all FIELDMANN products of the FAST POWER 20 V series.

Batteries and charger not included

Comfortable work is guaranteed by a wide range of machine settings:
  • Telescopic length adjustment
  • Adjustable upper handle
  • Articulated trimming head

Technical Parameters

  • Part of the FAST POWER 20 V series
  • Battery type Li-ion 1x 20 V
  • Cutting width 300 mm
  • 1.6 mm string, automatic
  • Telescopic handle
  • Adjustable upper handle
  • Adjustable cutting head angle
  • Guide wheel for mowing along walls
  • Spacer arch for plant protection
  • Charger and batteries not included.
  • Weight: 2 kg

Cordless Lawnmower