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Fieldmann - a brand of tools for home and garden on the Czech market. It boasts an interesting array of easy-to-use tools with a fresh and original design. The brand's characteristic colour combination gives the tools playfulness and freshness. It is really a pleasure to care for a garden with these kinds of tools.

It was born twelve years ago and is literally growing before our eyes. It keeps up with the times, but it does not lose its style. We are not talking about an unknown girl, but about the Czech brand FIELDMANN, which is celebrating twelve years on our market this year. The popularity of FIELDMANN products is growing year by year, the circle of loyal customers is expanding. Mainly thanks to them, we are able to continuously adjust the offer, supplement it with other items, and above all, improve the overall range.

Fieldmann is designed and engineered to meet the demands of demanding consumers: makes work easier and saves time, is ergonomic, safe, easy-to-use, brings the latest trends and provides maximum comfort while working in the garden, at home or in the workshop.

Although it does not seem from the name, the brand is purely Czech. FIELDMANN is a brand with Czech management and facilities of a strong company, which has introduced a wide range of big-name brands. Managers and technicians responsible for Fieldmann products ensure the brand's high standards and are actively involved in expanding the portfolio of quality products.

Business and technical specialists, mainly based on their experiences that they have gained at renowned companies in the area of garden and hobby equipment, select the best Chinese production plant that also produce goods of other established brands.

The goal of the whole Fieldmann team is to offer its customers products at competitive prices, high-quality products that meet current trends and follow all safety and ergonomic parameters. 

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