AKU Cordless garden blower

FZF 70605-0
  • Li-Ion battery system 1 × 20 V / 2Ah (or 4Ah)
  • Electronic control unit for efficient use of the full capacity of the Li-Ion battery
  • Air speed of 270 km / h in conjunction with 1 x 20 V batteries ensures sufficient performance
  • Ergonomic and soft grip
  • Batteries and charger not included


The FIELDMANN cordless blower handles not only the maintenance of the garden from fallen leaves, but also the cleaning of problematic corners of the garden such as flower beds and rock gardens. The blower achieves sufficient power thanks to the full use of the power of 1 x 20V battery in conjunction with an electronic control unit and a suction power of 9.5 m3 / min.
In addition to the ergonomic and softened handle, the perfect balance of the model also ensures comfortable work, thanks to which even longer cleaning in the garden is not a problem. It is possible to use batteries with capacities of 2Ah / 4Ah which are compatible with all FIELDMANN products of the FAST POWER 20V series.

Technical Parameters

  • part of the FAST POWER 20V series
  • Battery type Li-ion 1x20V
  • Air speed: up to 270 km / h
  • Suction capacity: 9.52 m3 / min
  • Ergonomic and soft grip
  • quick-release tube
  • Charger and batteries not included.
  • Weight: 2 kg

AKU Cordless garden blower