Cordless brushcutter
FZS 70705-0

  • Li-Ion battery system 2 × 20 V / 2Ah (or 4Ah)
  • Electronic control unit for efficient use of the full capacity of the Li-Ion battery
  • A range of up to 38 cm in conjunction with 2 x 20 V batteries ensures sufficient performance
  • String head and steel three-toothed disc included
  • Soft handle and ergonomic handles
  • Batteries and charger not included


The FIELDMANN cordless brushcutter not only handles any tall grass, but also handles bushes and weaker air raids. The brushcutter achieves sufficient power thanks to the full use of the power of the 2 x 20V battery in conjunction with the electronic control unit. In addition to the softened handle and double ergonomic handle, the practical shoulder strap also ensures comfortable work. The package also includes a three-toothed trimming disc and string head.
The motor located at the head balances the batteries at the end of the connecting rod, so the brushcutter is easy to handle. It is possible to use batteries with capacities of 2Ah / 4Ah which are compatible with all FIELDMANN products of the FAST POWER 20V series.
Package contains:
  • Cordless brushcutter (without batteries and charger)
  • String head (330mm)
  • Steel three-toothed disc (230 mm)
  • Shoulder strap
Two accumulators of the same capacity are always required for the operation of this machine

Technical Parameters

  • part of the FAST POWER 20V series
  • Battery type Li-ion 2x20V
  • Cutting width 33cm (with supplied string head) / 38 cm (maximum possible)
  • String diameter 2.0 mm
  • Double handle with ergonomic grips
  • Steel three-toothed disc with a diameter of 230 mm
  • Adjustable strap included
  • Charger and batteries not included.
  • Weight: 4,6 kg

Cordless brushcutter