Electric woodchipper

FZD 5015-E
  • Power rating 1000 W
  • Cutting width 320 mm
  • 3 position of cutting height
  • Cutting height 25/45/60 mm


A powerful electric woodchipper with a 2,800 W electric motor. A gear cylinder that this model uses for chipping can crush branches up to 44 mm in diameter. The resulting wood chips are collected into a 60-litre container. Thanks to this container you will keep your surroundings clean, and handling with the chips will be easier. Self-feeding function, reverse running and overload protection also come as standard features. Unlike when using a blade shredder, the chips are larger and, in addition to the standard garden use, they can also be used for heating when dried.

Technical Parameters

  • Input power: 2800W
  • Maximum Cutting diameter 44mm
  • Auto self feeding operation
  • Reverse function
  • 60L Collection box
  • Weight 19,4 Kg

Electric woodchipper