Wood splitter
FZLS 1008V-E

  • Splitter type – vertical
  • Electric motor (230 V, 3000 W)
  • Splitting force 8 t
  • Max. log width 30 cm
  • Max. log length 55 cm
  • Wight 109.9 kg
  • Hydraulic oil is not part of the package


Anyone who has ever prepared firewood for heating a house or cottage knows the pain in the back and muscles after a long day of work with an axe. Investing in the FIELDMANN FZLS 1008V-E wood splitter is therefore not a fool's errand for anyone who would like to save some time and effort. A robust vertical wood splitter from a proven company will help you prepare firewood for the winter, wood for the grill or just for storage, with a minimum of effort.

Thanks to a pushing force of 8 t, it can handle hard and soft wood up to 55 cm long and 30 cm wide. The weight of a solid 109.9 kg guarantees stability during work, and easy handling of such a weight is facilitated by the wheels intended for short movements. Two-handed operation reduces the risk of injury. Nevertheless, the safety regulations, which are described in detail in the attached manual, must be carefully observed. Assembly and maintenance of the machine are also clearly described, so even a complete beginner can handle it. This wood splitter will definitely not get lost in your home.

Technical Parameters

  • Electric motor (230 V / 50 Hz / 13 A) S6 40% 3000 W)
  • Maximum force 8 t
  • Hydraulic pressure 21.0 MPa
  • Volume of hydraulic oil 4 l
  • Hydraulic piston stroke 48.5 cm
  • Forward speed 3.1 m/s, backward 17.3 m/s
  • Sound pressure level (LpA) 74.7 dB(A) without load; 77.8 dB(A) at full load
  • Vibration <2.5 m/s2
  • Overall dimensions: length 84.5 cm, width 93.5 cm, height 150 cm
  • Weight 109.9 kg

Wood splitter