Cylinder mower
FZR 1010

  • Mowing width 400 mm
  • Variable mowing height adjustment
  • Textile grass catcher 27 l


A push reel lawnmower suitable for regular maintenance of lawns up to 150 m2. Thanks to the mowing system, where grass cut in a scissor-type action by 5 sharp blades, it is possible to achieve a superbly manicured lawns. Mowing height can be variably set in the range of 14 - 47 mm. Grass clippings are collected in a 27-litre grass catcher. The folding handle minimises storage space requirements. All working rotating parts of this mower are covered to ensure that its use is perfectly safe.

Technical Parameters

  • Cutting width 40 cm
  • 5 blades
  • Cutting height 14 – 47 mm
  • Fluent adjustment of cutting height
  • Textile grass catcher 27 l
  • Folding handle bar
  • Weight 8,8 Kg
  • Includes: Cylinder mower, textile grass catcher, installation kit, instruction manual

Cylinder mower