Wood splitter
FZLS 1005H-E

  • type of splitter – horizontal
  • electric motor (230 V, 2,000 W)
  • splitting force 5 t
  • max. log width 25 cm
  • max. log length 52 cm
  • weight 53 kg
  • hydraulic oil is not part of the package


The horizontal log splitter of the Czech company FIELDMANN finds its application in households that heat the house or cottage with wood. This is a machine you won't use every day, but you'll still appreciate the time and effort it saves when the time comes. The splitting power of 5 t is more suitable for softer wood, but under the right conditions, even hard wood is not a problem. Logs with a width of 25 cm and a maximum length of 52 cm can be safely split thanks to the "ZHB" control system - two-handed lowering, where the right hand controls the switch and the left the hydraulic lever. For easier movement, the splitter is equipped with wheels, so you can handle the weight of 53 kg with ease. The assembly and use of the machine is clearly explained in the attached manual.

Technical Parameters

  • electric motor 230 V 50 Hz 2000 W IP54
  • maximum force 5 t
  • volume of hydraulic oil 3 l
  • overall dimensions: length 13.2 cm, width 40.5 cm, height 65 cm
  • weight 53 kg

Wood splitter