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Vacuum cleaners
Unlike those commonly used in the household, vacuum cleaners will cope not only with dust but also with coarse dirt, liquids or hot ashes. The Fieldmann brand comes with combined vacuum cleaners for ashes & dry vacuuming, or for wet & dry vacuuming.

For cleaning the stove and fireplace, you can use the specially designed vacuum cleaners fitted with metal containers for waste collection (16 or 20 litres), metal hoses and efficient HEPA filters that allow the intake of ash up to 40 °C. With their help, the stove, fireplace and their surroundings will always stay perfectly clean.

Liquids sometimes need to be vacuumed in the household, too.
The solution is the industrial vacuum cleaner that combines wet and dry vacuuming. It is fitted with a filter from solid cotton and a large stainless steel container with a volume of 40 l. Another advantage is the built-in socket to plug in another electric appliance.
The advantages of the Fieldmann industrial vacuum cleaners also include the rotary brushes, extension tubes and long cables (up to 6 m) for easy handling, as well as the declared noise level of 80 dB.
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