79-Piece bit set with screwdrivers
FDG 5004-79R

  • 4 and 6 mm bit set
  • Screwdriver with ratchet
  • Bit set in CR-V quality
Historical product


A very sophisticated 4 mm and 6 mm bit set with screwdrivers from CR-V material, representing higher material strength, thus ensuring reduced wear. The set includes a wide variety of bits, which can be used for very fine delicate work as well as work with standard -sized screws and bolts. Large screwdriver with an ergonomic handle and ratchet also boasts storage space for spare bits for the situation where for assembling a cabinet one needs only a few given bits and it is not necessary to carry the entire set. On the other hand, the small screwdriver for 4 mm bits is used for very fine operations with small screws also with the help of a ratchet. The set also includes socket heads from 5 mm to 13 mm for the easier tightening of a nut to a bolt.

Technical Parameters

  • Sophisticated professional set of bits with screwdriver 6.1mm with the ratchet and positionable head, usable as a ¼” wrench set
  • Extension 6cm
  • Screwdriver 4mm with the ratchet
  • Extension 10cm
  • 34pcs standard and special bits 6mm in CR-V quality
  • 30pcs standard and special bits 4mm in CR-V quality