Petrol blower
FZF 6205-B

  • 3 in 1 (shredder, blower and vacuum)
  • Sufficient gasoline performance. motor 0.8 kW (EURO 5)
  • Low weight: only 4.5 kg
  • Sufficient collection bag volume: 40l
  • Hardened plastic body and ergonomic handle


The 3-in-1 gasoline blower (shredder, blower and vacuum ) from the renowned FIELDMANN brand is designed for removing any leaves around your house. The powerful engine meeting the EURO 5 standard with an output of 0.8 kW easily vacuums up fallen leaves, tree branches and also mowed grass. All this supplemented by the practical function of crushing the absorbed material. Thanks to this, the sucked-in waste is reduced in a ratio of 10:1. The body of the machine made of hardened plastic and the ergonomically shaped handle guarantee comfortable work even during prolonged use. All this complemented by a modern design.

Technical Parameters

  1. Engine: 0.8 kw / 25.4cc (EURO 5)
  2. Air speed: up to 150 km/h
  3. Fuel tank volume: 0.7 l
  4. Collection bag volume: 40 l
  5. Fuel mixing: 25:1 ratio
  6. Weight: only 4.5 kg

Petrol blower