Nail gun
FDN 3001

  • Light weight, small size and comfortable grip
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Meets TÜV / GS standards
  • All-metal construction of the stapler
  • Practical plastic case with 1500 clips included in the package


Do you need to fasten a tarpaulin, sew a textile cover on a wooden furniture structure or sew cardboard boxes? You can't do without a stapler. Try, for example, our multi-purpose staple gun FIELDMANN FDN 3001, which can handle any type of staples for your work in the workshop. In addition to the stapler, the package also includes a practical plastic case with three types of spare staples in sufficient quantity (1500 pcs). The stapler is designed for round and rectangular staples and nails. The staple gun is a useful tool for a variety of jobs and can be used by a do-it-yourselfer and an expert.

Package contents:
1 multi-purpose stapler
500 pieces of rectangular staples
500 pcs of "U" staples
500 pcs of "T" staples
practical plastic case

Technical Parameters

  • use for round and rectangular staples and nails
  • rectangular clips from 4 to 14 mm, width 11,2 mm
  • round clips 10 - 12 mm
  • nails 10 - 14 mm
  • adjustable buckle strike force screw

Nail gun