Multifunction Tool

FDB 200301-E
  • Power 300 W
  • Cutting, grinding, scraping, etc.
  • Variable speed


The oscillating grinder boasts an amazing range of applications. Its efficient motor with a power of 300 W and six gears can easily cope with grinding, cutting or scraping of almost any material. With a great variety of attachments, the materials can be ground or polished using a triangular-shaped attachment that can reach even hard-to-reach spots. Metal objects such as pipes, nails or screw can be cut, and precise shapes can be cut into working desks, cabinets or plasterboards. The spatula-shaped knife attachment greatly facilitates cutting an old carpet or linoleum off the floor, without expending too much of your energy. You can also very easily cut out a broken ceramic tile with it, and repair the damaged spot.

Technical Parameters

  • Voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Power 300W
  • Variable speed
  • 6 pcs accessories included
  • Cutting, grinding, scaping etc.
  • No Load Speed: 15000-22000 rpm.
  • Weight 2 kg

Multifunction Tool