Multi Purpose Ladder
FZZ 4107

  • Scaffolding height: 98cm
  • Double Ladder: 174cm
  • Ladder: 360 cm
  • Max. Loading Weight: 150kg


Thanks to its unique articulation system the ladder is very popular with most tradesmen, repairmen and house and garden owners. The ladder boasts minimal storage space requirements, it is easy and comfortable to handle. Special construction and suitably selected materials ensure high stability even when the ladder is fully loaded allowing for a maximum load of 150 kg and it extends to 3.6 m as a ladder and 1.78 m as a stepladder, and a scaffolding platform.

Technical Parameters

  • Ladder: 361 cm
  • Double Ladder: 176cm
  • Scaffolding height: 99cm
  • Rung distance: 28cm
  • Stabilizer bar length: 61.5cm
  • Weight: 10,6kg
  • Max. Loading Weight: 150kg

Multi Purpose Ladder