Heat gun
FDHP 202000-E

  • Hot air gun from the renowned brand FIELDMANN
  • Modern design in elegant green design
  • Ergonomic handle + low weight for easier work
  • 2 power levels at a maximum temperature of 600 ° C
  • 5 pcs of accessories already in the package (4x attachment + scraper)


Remove old paint easily and quickly with this practical FDHP 202000-E hot air gun from the renowned FIELDMANN brand. It can also be used for shaping or shrinking materials or gluing modern vinyl today. The power consumption of the gun is 2,000 W and the temperature can be set in two stages: 350 and 600 ° C. The air flow can also be set in two stages: 300 and 500 liters per minute. The big advantage is also the ergonomic handle and low weight, which does not exceed 0.7 kg.

Technical Parameters

  • Voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Power consumption: 2000 W
  • Temperature setting: I: 350 ° C II: 600 ° C
  • Air flow I. 300 l / min II. 500 l / min
  • 4x attachment + 1x scraper included in the package
  • Weight 1 kg

Heat gun