Electric Tiller
FZK 2002-E

  • 750 W Electric motor
  • Working width of 320 mm
  • 4 steel blades
  • Fold-down handle


Electric tiller that saves a lot of backbraking work when preparing garden beds. This model is powered by a 750 W electric motor and has a working width of 32 cm. Soil can be loosened down to a depth of 20 cm. A metal shield protects the user from stones that could be thrown up by the steel blades during operation. All-metal gears are protected by a robust steel gearbox that prevents their damage even in demanding work conditions.

Technical Parameters

  • Power 750W
  • Working width 32 cm
  • 4 chopping blades
  • Diameter of blade 20 cm
  • Folding handlebar
  • Weight 8 Kg