Electric lawnmower

FZR 2025-E
  • Power rating 1300 W
  • Cutting width 320 mm
  • 3 position of cutting height  
  • Cutting height 20/38/56 mm


A new mower model with a cutting width of 32 cm designed for smaller to medium-sized grassy fields. In comparison with FZR 2021 E, this model is equipped with more powerful 1300 W motor, the possibility to adjust the handle to the height of the operator, and with the feature of easy and quick folding of the handle. The plastic grass catcher holds 30 litres of cut grass and is equipped with the fill alarm. The cutting height can be adjusted in 3 positions of 20/38/56 mm. The front part contains a weight which prevents the mower from toppling over when the catcher is full. The switch of the mower is provided with a safety lock to prevent unwanted start of the machine. Recommended lawn area 650 m2

Technical Parameters

  • Power consumption: 1300 W
  • Cutting width 32 cm
  • 3 position of cutting height
  • 20/38/56 mm
  • Grass catcher 30 l
  • Folding handle bar with height adjustment
  • Carry handle
  • Weight 11,5 kg
  • Recommended mowing area: 600 m2

Electric lawnmower