Electric Hedge Trimmer
FZN 2305-E

  • power consumption 55OW
  • slat length 460 mm
  • weight 2.5 kg
  • double-sided sharpened knives


Solid electric shears, proven by FIELDMANN customers for years, are a great helper for routine garden maintenance. There is an unwritten rule when choosing high-quality hedge shears: we calculate 100 W for every 10 cm of the blade. The shears have an input power of 550 W and offer a power of up to 1,500 revolutions per minute. The 460 mm long bar ranks among the medium-long variants.

Thanks to this, you can not only trim an overgrown hedge to a perfect level, but also adjust ornamental bushes to the desired shape. The weight of only 2.5 kilograms and the double-sided sharpened blades guarantee that the result of working with scissors will be comfortable and precise. Safety switches that reduce the risk of injury are a matter of course. The shears are famous for their low vibrations and quiet operation, they do not hurt or tingle your hands, and work in the garden is a little more pleasant.

Technical Parameters

  • bar length 460 mm
  • cut to a diameter of 16 mm
  • safety switch
  • weight 2.5 kg
  • balance for comfortable work
  • number of revolutions: 1,500 rpm
  • declared noise level: 105 dB (A)

Electric Hedge Trimmer