Electric garden shredder
FZD 4020-E

  • Power input 2500 W
  • Branches up to 40 mm in diameter
  • 50 l box for shredded material


Electric shredder with input of 2,500 W is equipped with a thermal cut-out which prevents overloading and subsequent destruction of the machine. A plastic container facilitating handling of the shredded material is an integral part of the machine. This model allows for shredding branches with diameter of up to 4 cm. A steel frame increases the stability of the machine during operation and contributes thus to safe operation of the machine. The delivery package also includes a plunger ensuring safe feeding of the remaining material towards the blades.   

Technical Parameters

  • Input power: 2500 W
  • Maximum Cuting diameter 40 mm
  • Auto self feeding operation
  • 2 rotating blades cutting systém
  • 50L collection box
  • Weight: 14,1 kg

Electric garden shredder