Cordless Nail gun
FDN 3025-A

  • Staple gun 4 V / 1500 mAh
  • Integrated LED light for easier work
  • Suitable for attaching textiles, foils, sails, plastic, leather, and decorative materials
  • Charging using a USB adapter
  • Ergonomic handle and quality materials used increase comfort during work


Do you need to fasten a tarpaulin, sew a textile cover to a wooden furniture structure or sew together cardboard boxes? You can't do without a quality caulking gun. Try, for example, our FIELDMANN cordless stapler with the possibility of easy charging from the USB connector. High variability is ensured by the Li-ion battery, which allows recharging without affecting the battery's capacity. It is an ideal helper for a number of different jobs and will be used by both the home handyman and the professional. It is possible to start work immediately thanks to the starter package of 2,500 clips and nails, which are included in the package free of charge.

Technical Parameters

  • Battery capacity: 1500 mAh/ 4 V
  • Max. magazine contents: 110 clips, 60 nails
  • Width x height of clips: 11.3 x 6 - 14 mm
  • Nail height: 10 - 14 mm
  • Charging: Using USB
  • Package includes: 2500 staples / nails and USB charger