Chipboard screw set 500 pcs
FDS 9102-500R

  • Chipboard screw
Historical product


Every home workshop should not work without proper accessories. The practical FIELDMANN chipboard screw set offers you the right material for attaching various accessories. The set is packed in an elegant and compact plastic case and contains a total of 500 pieces.

Technical Parameters

  • Chipboard screw:
  • 5*60mm-15 pcs
  • 5*80mm-10 pcs
  • 5*50mm-20 pcs
  • 5*40mm-22 pcs
  • 3.5*25mm-60 pcs
  • 3.5*30-45 pcs
  • 4*30mm-40 pcs
  • 4*40mm-28 pcs
  • 3*20mm-100 pcs
  • 3*16mm-130 pcs
  • 4*35mm-30 pcs