AKU Screwdriver
FDS 10101-A

  • 3,6 V/ 1300mAh DC Li-Ion
  • 2 Position Rotary Handle
  • Torque Settings
  • LED Light Switch


The cordless screwdriver is equipped with a Li-Ion battery, which does not suffer from the memory effect and is ready for use even after being idle for extended periods. Handling and working in various spaces is made easier by the handle of the screwdriver, which can be set to two work positions – straight and pistol shape. Apart from the rotation direction, the screwdriver is equipped with a LED light for better visibility of the work area. The LED battery power indicator will notify you in time that the screwdriver needs to be recharged again.

Technical Parameters

  • 3.6 V / 1300 mAh Li-Ion battery
  • Swivel grip - 2 positions
  • Reverse switch
  • The degree of torque
  • LED lighting
  • LED charging status
  • Recharge time 3-5 h
  • Weight 0.49 kg

AKU Screwdriver